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NAICS 624230, 611430, 561320, 611430, 561311, 541614, 624221, 561330, 561210

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About Us

NGM Enterprise is a new name to the market but its predecessors Night Cleaning Solutions and First National Staffing Group were founded in 2006 to provide third-shift kitchen and floor cleaning services to the hospitality industry in the Atlanta area.
Over the past 17 years, these companies have accomplished a series of objectives that have contributed to what we are today; NGM Enterprise, expansion into new markets and service lines, and the acquisitions of HN Engineering Services, Eastpalm4Investment, Cleaning Eastside, to name a few.

Today, NGM Enterprise LLC is a trusted integrated service provider offering Professional Nursing, Natural Disaster, Hospitality, Food Processing, Warehouse, and Facilities Maintenance staffing services to clients in 6 states including the City of Panama

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Our logo: At NGM Enterprises, we exist to make our clients’ day-to-day life easier by providing impeccable service. With this in mind, our logo (a paraglider) reminds us that anything is possible and that each landing is a triumph in our work, that offers our clients the freedom to focus on their industries without the worry of not having the personnel adequate and our employees of how we define a high-quality service and the most important points when striving to achieve all the same objectives in quality and excellence that our commitments demand of us every day.
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